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Our company takes "serving customers, perfection" as its purpose, to create a better future for you.
Yancheng Jiaxin Cleaning Co., Ltd. undertakes: household cleaning, sofa cleaning, air test management, floor waxing, carpet cleaning, stone cleaning and waxing, stone crystal surface renovation, exterior wall cleaning, exterior wall coating renovation, stainless steel aluminum renovation, units Shopping malls are cleaned all the year round, construction and labor services, and engineering wasteland are started . Our company takes "serving customers, perfection" as its purpose, to create a better future for you.
Our company is a professional cleaning company with strong strength in cleaning. It has a brand-new service concept, professional technical level and management mode, and has introduced advanced professional equipment, service tracking and experienced professionals. Technicians, high-quality construction teams and a wide range of cleaning services, our company uses imported cleaning supplies and professional equipment, high-quality, high-level, with its rich international experience, advanced technical forces have cultivated a number of high-quality Professional cleaning team, in order to promote the development of our company in the direction of planning, specialization and standardization, has taken a solid step and demonstrated strong technology, brand, service and network advantages; our company implements advanced management methods and uses scientific management methods With the products of ****, quality service, service of ****, cleaning effect of **** creates a good reputation for "Jiaxin".
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Jiaxin cleaning latest recruitment information
"Jiaxin" recruitment and cleaning 1. Recruitment requirements: 1. Within the age of 52 years of age and within the age of 55 years of age, healthy and no bad habits; 2. Serious work, strong sense of service, able to bear hardships and stand hard work; 3. have related cleaning Work experience is preferred; 4. Monthly salary 1900--2200, four days of monthly rest pay accidental injury insurance (there is ...
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How to care for your home cabinet in the autumn
Industry insiders analyze that autumn itself has low air humidity, so special attention should be paid not to allow cabinets to directly contact the sun to avoid drier conditions. The following editors teach you how to maintain all parts of the overall cabinet: 1. Maintenance of the overall cabinet countertop: The overall cabinet countertop made of any material is afraid of high temperature erosion. because
Attention and tips for home floor cleaning and maintenance
Many people think of cleaning the floor, fearing that they may flash over the whole day. Nowadays, there are many floor cleaners specially developed for floors made of different materials, such as: floor tiles, wooden floors, plastic floors, marble, terrazzo flooring, and carpets. As long as they are directly mopping the floor, they can be washed without further washing
Various tips for cleaning floors in professional homes
Whether the home is comfortable or not, cleanliness is very important. Cleaning up, wiping, vacuuming, and sterilizing, people who love home can find fun in the home cleaning work on weekdays. However, cleaning up your home requires tricks, just like cleansing. Different textures have different methods. Do you know? & nbs
Home cleaning requires knowledge of pet cleaning
Pet cleaning knowledge is required for household cleaning. Back to Nantian, pets are mainly to prevent skin diseases. In a humid environment, the first thing that pets should pay attention to is to avoid skin diseases. If your pet has longer hair
6 maintenance tips for fabric sofas
1. When you buy a Forme fabric sofa in CBD, the wall of your living room is on the right, so the sofa should keep a gap of 0.51 cm with the wall. 2. Cloth sofas should be placed in a place that can avoid the strong sunlight, or separated by translucent curtains.
Home appliances such as guaranteed correct disinfection
Microwave ovens Microwave ovens are a type of household appliances with a high household share. In addition to being used for cooking, it also has a germicidal effect. When using a microwave oven to sterilize, because of the different textures of the items in the home, the disinfection method is naturally different. When disinfecting tableware, immerse it in water
Use and maintenance of disinfection cabinet
Disinfection cupboards generally use two methods of disinfection: far-infrared high temperature and ozone. The characteristics of far-infrared heating are that objects can fully absorb thermal energy, have high heating efficiency, and can reach the high temperature of 125 degrees Celsius required for consumer sterilization in a short time. Ozone disinfection is characterized by the use of high voltage discharge or ultraviolet
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